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"Pentosin is a brand founded in 1927 in Hamburg, Germany, recognized by the automotive industry worldwide, with a presence for more than 80 years as a leading manufacturer in innovation and production of high-tech lubricants, quality and specialized products, supplying internationally to more than 30 car and system manufacturers. Pentosin is found in almost all modern vehicles.
In research and development, Pentosin has precisely established modern laboratories and test rooms to work closely with Original Equipment manufacturers and system integrators to develop and exceed technical requirements to offer tailor-made solutions for each vehicle. Therefore, Pentosin is in a position to help shape the technical development of the industry."

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Motor oil: Pentosin motor oils are products of the highest quality available in the market.

Power Steering Fluid: They are high technology fluids and safety formulated for power steering, rear axle steering, level control, hydropneumatic suspension and shock absorbers.

Transmission Fluid: Pentosin transmission fluids offer high synthetic performance; used in automatic transmissions, manual, double clutch and CVT's. With anti-wear chemical formulations and friction modifiers that guarantee a stable performance.

Brake Fluid: Pentosin brake fluids exceed the standards of the DOT standard, and are used as the first filling and filling service by major automobile manufacturers.

Antifreeze: Pentosin antifreeze is manufactured in compliance with DIN, ASTM, and DBL specifications. That is why the Pentosin antifreeze program is the best alternative.
Motor Oil 5W-30 5L / 1.32 gal

Pentosin synthetic motor oils offers optimum engine performance and better fuel economy. They provide great protection against severe working conditions and extreme temperature changes. Formulated for long service intervals, these fluids are also designed to reduce oil sediments and fuel deposits.
Comply with API, ILSAC and ACEA classifications.

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Automatic Transmission Fluid ATF1 5L / 1.32 gal

High performance synthetic fluid for automatic transmissions with modern anti-wear additives and friction modifiers that guarantee excellent functionality. It offers excellent stable and long-lasting performance in current transmissions.
Suitable for all ECCC* automatic transmissions, except CVT and DCT transmissions. (Always refer to the owner's manual)

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Power Steering Fluid CHF 11S 1L / 1.06 qt / 33.8 fl. oz.

Electronically assisted hydraulic steering fluid.
It has 14 Original Equipment approvals. Synthetic, with wide range of operation at extreme temperatures from -40 ° F (-40 ° C) to + 275 ° F (+ 135 ° C). It also has excellent properties at low temperatures and offers maximum protection against corrosion, oxidation and wear.

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