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GAT German Automotive Technology is a German manufacturer of Additives & System Cleaner for the automotive aftersales market and industry. Due to in-house laboratory, production and sales, our team is able to combine all necessary competences under one roof. Our products and processes are certified by TÜV and proven by acknowledged laboratories. During the last four years we have already expanded our GAT brand in more than 70 countries worldwide.

Products and services

GAT develops, produces and sells service and maintenance products for different circuits and systems of vehicles (passenger cars, trucks, bikes). Our main focus lies on additives and system cleaner for oil & lubricant circuit, fuel as well as diesel system, cooling system and gearbox & power steering. Our product range includes additionally products for air condition, LPG system, Nano surface sealant, car care as well as service products.
Our brand GAT is our premium brand and exclusively made for application by professionals e.g. workshops and car dealerships. Our second brand AUTOMAX is to be considered as our Retail Line and therefore suitable for sales channels like E-commerce with direct sales to end-consumers.
Besides our own brands, we offer our customers to build up a new private label brand. We do not only deliver a high quality product but also a customized and well-conceived distribution concept for individual target groups.
GAT Engine Flush

Clean up your oil system with the application of GAT Engine Flush during every oil change. The product is suitable for use in all diesel and petrol engines with or without turbocharger. Removes lastingly deposits and residues from piston rings, oil channels and housing walls as well as on hydraulic valve lifters and the valve train. The results are a considerably improved and stable compression in all cylinders.

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GAT Fuel System Cleaner PLUS

Keep your fuel system clean with continuous application of GAT Fuel System Cleaner PLUS. The product is suitable for use in all petrol engines, generators and high-performance engines (e. g. boat, bike etc.). Removes operationally caused contamination in the entire fuel system from the tank to the combustion chamber. Binds moisture and condensed water in the complete fuel system.

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Clean up your fuel as well as diesel system with GAT Cat Clean. The product cleans the entire fuel system thanks to the latest technology. It dissolves resinification in the fuel system as well as gummed carbon deposits on lambda probes and catalytic converters. If GAT CAT Clean is used regularly it prevents heavy contamination, optimizes fuel efficiency and supports the proper function of the catalytic converter and oxygen sensor.

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GAT Gesellschaft für Kraftstoff- und Automobiltechnologie mbH & Co. KG
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Jorge del Rio Garcia
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Rigo Mexico, S. de R.L. de C.V. (GAT Mexico)
Boulevard Cordoba-Fortín Km. 335 Calles 3 y San Pablo
CP 94540 Col. San Nicolás, Córdoba, Veracruz

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News & Innovations
GAT German Automotive Technology achieved ISO 9001:2015.
We can proudly present that we have successfully passed the audit for the validation of our quality management again. Especially the motivation of our colleagues was highly evaluated. Additionally, our company has reached the recertification of TÜV Nord “Made in Germany”.
After GAT has put the second production hall and warehouse into operation in summer 2018, the construction of our third hall has almost finished. With an area of around 800 sqm, the third production and storage hall will be even larger than the second one and will have space for over 150 pallets and a delivery ramp additionally. So we have the possibility to load and unload three trucks at the same time. After completion of the third hall, it will be possible to serve our customers' orders even faster and more flexibly.
GAT has received recently references from two well-known companies. The specialist for agricultural engineering John Deere from Mexico has started to use our products for their used machines. As a result less of spare parts, like injectors and fuel pumps are needed. Additionally, customers informed about an increase in fuel efficiency of 5 percent. Another company from Mexico has integrated our products in their maintenance program as well. Kenworth, the manufacturer of heavy and medium duty trucks reported an improvement in the reduction of polluting emissions of their trailer trucks. Due to clean and fresh oil, an extending life of the engines occurred.

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